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How is that 2 children need to be to 10 different activities in 1 week? And rest on the weekend? Forget it! There are at least 3 activities over the weekend!

And that just where the kids need to be; that does not take into account what my husband or I need to do! Some days I feel like Super Woman and get it all done with grace, and still have time to make dinner (MOM WIN!).  Other days I feel like the chaos is going to swallow me whole, which would actually be a relief! But the bottom line is, I wouldn’t change a thing!

As new parents, my husband and I wanted our kids to be involved in sports and activities at a young age for a few reasons:

  • Build social skills
  • Learn responsibility
  • Learn how to be a team player
  • Keep them off the TV and electronics

Eventually, we figured that as they got older, their commitment to being successful in sports and activities would discourage them from participating in activities that would negatively impact their lives.

Instilling this thought process at a young age has guided my children into wanting to be active.  While they certainly enjoy their down time, they thrive on the stimulation that their sports and activities provide.  Their Sports/Activities include: Karate year round (2 times a week), 2 soccer teams that play year round (6 or more times a week), dance year round (2 times a week), church youth group, and that doesn’t include any additional activities like math competitions, seasonal school sports, or just hanging out with friends!

What activities are your kids into?  How often are you ‘The Mommy on the Move’?  I’d love to hear from you!


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