Keeping your kids motivated as Summer Vacation approaches

Many of your kids are already out for summer break (lucky you!), but we still have a week and a half to go…8 days to be exact!  The closer we get to summer break, my kids are less and less engaged in what is going on in school.  Granted, some subjects are winding down, and there isn’t as much homework, but the struggle to get them out of bed and out of the door in the morning is REAL!

If you are having the same struggles as I am, here are a few things that I am doing to help keep their focus and energy up:

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The True Meaning of Memorial Day

I will be one of many who are enjoy their day off on Memorial Day.  Typical Memorial Day celebrations include BBQ’s, trips to the beach, and relaxing since many people have the day off work.  However, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the true meaning behind the day.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day set aside to honor the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.  So while you are spending time with your family and enjoying your day off, hug your kids a little tighter, call your mom, your dad or your grandparents, and be grateful for the good things in your life.

Most importantly, take a moment during the day to stop and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

3-day weekends, fun to be had by all!

Three day weekends are amazing!  We should have 3-day weekends every week.  Regular 2-day weekends seem to go by way too fast!  There are so many things that we intended to do with our time, but just didn’t find the time to get to it.  For me, that is usually the house work, which means I have more to do during the week, but it always seems worth it to be able to have a little more fun!

This 3-day weekend we are trying to relax.  With school almost out, the kids are exhausted and just want summer to be here!  Saturday has resulted in a lot of lying around and movie watching…just what I needed.  Tomorrow, we are going to work in some fun activities, possibly bowling, movies, heading to the beach (we are fortunate to live close!) or head to the amusement park.  It might be difficult to get the kids out of the door, but they are always happy once they are out.

Monday, our extra day.  It almost feels like we are stealing it from the week and should make the most of it!  My husband and I will be able to golf together, something we haven’t done in many, many months.  Sometime is difficult to schedule in alone time, but looking forward to it on Monday!

What are you plans for this 3-day weekend?

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation….is it really a vacation for YOU?!

Summer Vacation.  Yes, it’s a sentence all of it’s own!  The time of the year that our kids look forward to, and that mom’s seem to dread!

On one hand, I look forward to it.  Most of the ‘regular’ sports are on break for the summer.  That means no soccer, karate and dance for my crew, and our evenings are actually free!  On the other hand, I have spent the last 3 months (yes, 3 months!) coordinating summer schedules with sports camps, church camps, visits to grandma and grandpa’s, etc.  and trying to figure out how to get them dropped off at 9am and picked up by 3pm…good thing my job is flexible!

How to manage summer schedules

There are many mom’s who schedules aren’t so flexible.  We rely on the ‘village’ to help get our kids where they need to be.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your summer schedules:

  • Car pool – always try to find a car pool – Driving one time is much more efficient than having to drive twice!
  • Find activities that take up a majority of the day – even if it’s just for a week
  • Sleep away camps – YES – as long as your kids are comfortable with it, of course
  • Check out your local parks & rec – they usually have day activities for fairly inexpensive, if you can plan for a group of kids to go to the same activities, that’s even better!
  • Free events – there are usually a lot of free events in the summer, from day time movies, to free days at the zoo, concerts in the park or readings at the library; arrange with other mom’s to take each other’s kids to these events.

How to keep you kids occupied at home

If your kids are home for the day or week here are some ideas to help keep them occupied and off electronics:

  • Give them a chore list and provide rewards for completion; rewards could be money, time on electronics, etc.  Anything that will motivate them to work
  • Board games – as much as your kids might roll your eyes when you pull them out, they usually get into it
  • Let them work – if your child is old enough let them mow the neighbors yard or walk the dog.  It will be an opportunity to teach them about earning, spending and saving
  • Bored is OK – our kids are so used to being entertained by someone or something.  Let them be creative and figure out our to entertain themselves.  Their artistic minds will grow!

These are just a few ideas to help you with your summer plans!  If you have any ideas that you would like to share on how you are keeping your kids busy this summer, I’d love to hear from you!

My crazy life and why I started this Mom Blog!

How is that 2 children need to be to 10 different activities in 1 week? And rest on the weekend? Forget it! There are at least 3 activities over the weekend!

And that just where the kids need to be; that does not take into account what my husband or I need to do! Some days I feel like Super Woman and get it all done with grace, and still have time to make dinner (MOM WIN!).  Other days I feel like the chaos is going to swallow me whole, which would actually be a relief! But the bottom line is, I wouldn’t change a thing!

As new parents, my husband and I wanted our kids to be involved in sports and activities at a young age for a few reasons:

  • Build social skills
  • Learn responsibility
  • Learn how to be a team player
  • Keep them off the TV and electronics

Eventually, we figured that as they got older, their commitment to being successful in sports and activities would discourage them from participating in activities that would negatively impact their lives.

Instilling this thought process at a young age has guided my children into wanting to be active.  While they certainly enjoy their down time, they thrive on the stimulation that their sports and activities provide.  Their Sports/Activities include: Karate year round (2 times a week), 2 soccer teams that play year round (6 or more times a week), dance year round (2 times a week), church youth group, and that doesn’t include any additional activities like math competitions, seasonal school sports, or just hanging out with friends!

What activities are your kids into?  How often are you ‘The Mommy on the Move’?  I’d love to hear from you!