deodorant teenage boy

A favorite deodorant for my teenage boys

If you have boys, specifically teenage boys, you may have noticed that they have a certain odor, all the time!  It’s in their clothes, in their rooms, and on their bodies.  I couldn’t understand why my teenage sons’ deodorant was not working better.  Then, I realized that not all deodorants are made the same!

First of all, there is deodorant and there is antiperspirant.   Deodorant is an agent that destroys odors.  Antiperspirant reduces the amount of perspiration to prevent odor.  While I knew there was a difference in these two things, I assumed that all ‘deodorant’ contained both. Well, THEY DON’T!   And the reality is, is that the combination of the two of them are necessary to fight teenage boy odor.

My teenage boys favorite deodorant

Once I realized that the boys needed to start using a deodorant AND antiperspirant, I was amazed that it wasn’t that easy to find.  I usually buy in bulk at Costco, because I have 3 boys in the house.  The brand that Costco sells in my area is only an antiperspirant.  So I went to the local drug store to see what they had and to my surprise only a few of them had both elements.

The first one we tried was Dove Men + Care, Antiperspirant Deodorant.  This one worked well and was a huge improvement over what they had been using.  The consistent odor was not completely gone, but was not as strong as it had been in the past.  After using the Dove product for a awhile we switched to Old Spice Denali Antiperspirant & Deodorant to try something new.  This one seemed to work even better.  While there is still some teenage boy odor (I am convinced you can’t completely get rid of it), it is substantially better when using the deodorant / antiperspirant combination.

I would recommend that you try either of these products if you have a teenage boy at home!  Your nose will thank you for it!


When your kids are proud of you…

As parents, we know that our kids are always trying to impress us.  From the toddler ‘watch me mommy’ stage, to elementary school plays and teenage sports, to our grown children making ‘adult’ decisions.  Our kids want us to be proud of them in everything they do.  They look to us for that reassurance, even as adults.

But if we look at this from the other side, shouldn’t it be just as important to us that our kids are proud of us?  As moms, we should approach activities, like our young children approach showing us the new cartwheel that they learned.  How can we make our children proud of us?

The Proud Moments that Mattered

I find that my kids are proud of me when I try something new, whether or not I succeed.  The feeling of knowing that they are proud of me is amazing.  For example, when I started Hip Hop dancing a few years ago, I thought my kids would be embarrassed that I was trying something that ‘younger people’ should be doing.  The opposite was true.  They are my biggest fans, encouraging me to try again, or to go to the next class.

proud kids

After starting this blog, I overheard my younger son telling his friends, ‘Do you know my mom has a blog?  It’s called The Mommy on the Move.’  He is so proud of me for starting something new, and in the technology area that he loves so much.  He is so concerned with getting the name out, he could be my marketing department!

proud kids

A few years ago, I decided to run a 5k.  Let me state for the record that I AM NOT A RUNNER, I don’t even like running.  I am not sure what possessed me to commit to a 5k, but once I did, I had to work for it.  I started training about a month and a half before the event and either ran or conditioned almost every day.  My kids watched as I focused on this goal, even though I was doing something that I didn’t particularly enjoy.  On the day of the 5k, they were there with my husband cheering me on.  The pride on their faces that day is something I will always remember.

Take a Leap of Faith

As moms, we tend to not want to try something new or feel that we don’t have the time it takes to dedicate to something.  Our thought is, ‘we had our time, it’s my kids’ time now.’  I am here to tell you that you can do it!  It will do more for your children’s resolve, esteem and drive to see you dedicate yourself to something.  So take that leap of faith and try something new!  Is there something that you have always wanted to try but never did?  Is there an interest that your kids have that you would like to try?  If so, GO FOR IT!  Your relationship with your kids will be strengthened as a result.



Reminiscing with your child’s Keepsake Bin

Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!  The day has finally arrived!  In my house that means no more up and out the door early in the morning as I am fortune to be able to work from home.  Trying to get these kids out of the door these past few weeks has been an amazing accomplishment on it’s own!  What it also means, however, is that another year has passed. The events of their current grade will be a distant memory to them in a few short days.

Remembering their precious work

Around this time of year, I pull down their keepsake bins and reminisce.  Each of my children have 1 keepsake bin.  I planned for only one bin each many years ago, as I wanted to be able to store items of importance, but not EVERYTHING (which is what I was doing!)   The bins are full items that I will want to see as they grow older, or feel they will want to see later in life.

Let me be clear, these bins are FULL; the lids won’t even close!  The idea is that as there are new items to keep, I have to make room in the bin for them.  That might mean having to pull out everything and look through it, which is such an awesome trip down memory lane! Sometimes I have to throw out items to make room for new ones.  Sometimes I just put it on top, which is why they won’t close.  This process at the end of each year is something that I look forward to doing.

The items in the keepsake bin have progressed from baby clothes to elementary school painting and home-made Mother’s Day cards, to honor roll certificates and diplomas.  As I look through each of these items, I am transported back to the age they were when it was created or received. It’s always an emotional journey, but one that I enjoy taking as I watch my children evolve into the wonderful people that they are today.

How to start a Keepsake Bin for your kids

If you haven’t started a Keepsake Bin for your kids, I encourage you to start! It’s a simple way during the busy school year to ‘set aside’ projects that you might want to keep.  And all you need is a bin, similar to this one!  Before the next school year begins, purchase a bin for the items.  Label it with your child’s name and you’re done!  As your kiddos start coming home with projects during the year that you might want to keep, put them in the bin.  As the bin fills, you can start deciding what should be kept and what you can do without.  Trust me, the process of just looking through the memories is worth it!

You are unique and that’s a good thing!

So often, we judge ourselves too harshly, comparing ourselves to other moms; what they do, how they handle situations and how they interact with their kids.

We are all unique and that is what makes us the great moms that we are.  Try to remember that our children aren’t looking for us to be perfect, they are just looking for us to love them.  And they love us, just the way we are!

mom of boys

Being the only female in a house of boys

I have the great fortune to be a mother of 3, 1 girl and 2 boys.  About a year and a half ago, my girl (who is now 21) moved out.  I truly didn’t realize how much I loved having another female in the house until she was gone!

Boys will be Boys

Being the only female in a sea of testosterone is exhausting.  My days are filled with full meals every two hours, smelly clothes and rooms (I use a lot of Febreze!), sports, burping contests, farting for fun, technology (oh, the technology!), shoes, socks and empty Gatorade bottles all over the house, and A LOT of competition.

Boy Mom

Boy mom

There’s no nail painting or a second opinions on an outfit or hair style.  No heart to heart talks about boys and friends; I miss those things. No empathy at that time of the month, just ‘stay away from mom for a few days’ attitudes.

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How I get my ‘girl time’

Boy moms understand what I’m talking about!  Mom’s with girls still at home can emphasize, but not truly understand the struggle of being the only female around males constantly.  There are moments when I just need a break from it all.  Here are some of the things that I do that seem to help:

  • Call and talk to my daughter – when our schedules are aligned we have great long conversations about all kinds of things!
  • Schedule coffee or lunch with a girl friend
  • Go shopping, even if it’s alone
  • Regular manicures and pedicures are a must!
  • Call a girl friend or any female for that matter – my mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law are usually my go-to’s
  • Drive to the nearest dance school and watch a ballet class – I haven’t actually resulted to doing this yet, but have gotten very close a few times!

Girl Time

Maybe if I never experienced having another female in the house, I would feel differently; I wouldn’t recognize that those moments are missing.  My boys are sweet, though.  They are always here to give me a hug or humor me when I am having conversations with them about if my shirt matches my pants or not.  I’m sure that they would prefer not to listen, but usually do me the courtesy of listening anyway!

One of my favorite tank tops actually identifies me as a Boy Mom!  I bought it in bright pink to get my ‘girl fix’, but I wear it all the time and moms are always asking me where I got it.  So, as request, here you go!

#outnumbered boymom tank on Amazon

There are still those moments, however, when my boys voluntarily come sit next to me. Sometimes they even sit on my lap (yes that still happens occasionally)! It reminds me that boys or girls, they are still my kiddos and they will always love their mom!

My Full Heart

As much as I run around with these kids and feel like I am going crazy, I know how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be in this position.  Sometimes I have to consciously remind myself of this, but my heart is truly full!

Moms Hobby

Why Moms Need Their Own Hobbies

Whether you have 1 child or multiple children, the story always seems to be the same; moms are too busy with the family activities and don’t have time to do something just for themselves.  Well, I’m here to tell you THERE IS TIME!!!  You just have to make it.

Sometimes you have to be creative with that time, and a supportive partner or family is helpful, but either way, it’s important for you to take time for you.

I used to think that if I poured all of myself into my kids (and my husband), then I was being a good mom (and wife).  What I found over time is that I lost parts of myself because I was giving it all away.

How I Found Hobbies Again

Slowly, I began to find myself again, doing activities for me; things that I like in addition to watching my kids do the activities that they enjoy.  Not only has it been helpful for me to find myself again, but I see the pride on my children’s face when I try something new or accomplish something that I have been working towards.

Some of these activities occur with my family (which I love) and some of these activities I have to put on the calendar and do on my own (which I love equally as much).  I have started golfing (with my husband), skiing (with my family) and taking dance classes 3 times a week.  I had to get creative with dance and only started participating because my class was right after my son’s class.  That was 2 years ago!

Family Hobby

Hobby for Mom


What I have found through this processes is that I am a better mom (and wife) because I am my true self through my individual identity.  I am fortunate to have a husband that supports these efforts, which makes it much easier for me, and not everyone has that same support. What I want to tell those mom’s is to find a ‘partner mom’ where you can watch each other kids while you take time for you!

What activities do you enjoy doing for yourself?  How do you make time for them?  Share your thoughts as I am certain others can benefit!