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FitTea 14-Day Detox Review

I received FitTea 14 Day Detox as part of my Influenster VoxBox to test and review. While a review for Influenster is required, this blog post is not. Note that FitTea was provided complementary, but all opinions are my own.

According to FitTea, it’s a ‘powerful blend of all natural ingredients, loaded with antioxidants and EGCG. It supports metabolism, boosts energy and reduces bloating.’

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While testing the FitTea 14 Day Detox, I was diligent about drinking it everyday. Even when I had to go out of town for work unexpectedly, I took it with me and set a reminder on my phone to drink it in the morning.

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10 Gluten-Free Foods You Must Try (even if you don’t have to!)

My husband and I decided to start eating gluten-free foods about a month ago.  Changing to this new diet was a quick decision for my husband and I. One day we were eating whatever we wanted, and the next we were eating gluten-free; completely uneducated about what that really meant. In the coming days, we had to give ourselves a crash course and begin to learn what we could and couldn’t eat.

Below is a list of the top 10 foods that we have eaten. Whether you eat a gluten-free diet or not, these foods won’t disappoint!

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Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I am humbled and honored to have been selected to receive my first blogging recognition. I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Chaos in Mommyhood.

The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers to show appreciation for all the hard work they have put into making their blog meaningful to others. Starting a blog, putting the time and effort into the posts, and making sure it’s publicized on social media takes a lot of time and effort. Taking your thoughts and feelings and putting them on display can be a scary thing to do!

I would like to thank Nina at Chaos in Mommyhood for nominating my blog for this recognition. I am honored to have be considered. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her blog yet, you can do that by CLICKING HERE. Her blog is a great source of information for tips on raising kids, recipes, ways to take care of yourself as a mom, and other things, including how she started her blog! Nina – It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you these past few months through our mommy blogging adventures!

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Get your FREE TRIAL of Dropps Detergent!

What is Dropps? Dropps is a revolutionary way to get your laundry and dishes clean! Not only does Dropps use safe ingredients, but they are plant-based and biodegradable. If that wasn’t enough, Dropps will send you your detergent directly to your door at a fraction of the price that you currently pay for detergent!

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What does Dropps offer?

  • Detergent Pods – made for all washers, including HE/high efficiency washers
  • Scent Boosters & Fabric Softeners
  • Oxi Booster
  • Dish
  • Odor Defense Spray

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Good Wines at a Good Price

If your like me, you enjoy a glass of wine every now and then! What I don’t enjoy however, is how much most wines costs. With that said, searching out inexpensive wines that we like to drink is always on my list of things to do. Keeping track of what we like and how much is costs enables us to make better choices when we are buying a bottle just for us, or buying a bottle for entertaining.

My husband and I are mostly a red wine drinkers. I am partial to cabs, while he is partial to Petite Syrah. I am also an avid Prosecco drinker, so you will also find my recommendations for Prosecco here as well. If you are looking for white wine recommendations, my sincere apologies. I am not a white wine drinker, and didn’t feel that I could offer recommendations on something I don’t drink.

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Gluten Free

My Gluten-Free Journey – Week 3

My husband gave this gluten-free diet 2-weeks. He said after 2-weeks he ‘would see’ if he wanted to continue. Well, he is! Which is a relief to me because it’s so much easier to stay on a specific diet if both you and your partner are eating the same things!

This Week

This week went well! I still have not eaten anything with gluten; no pasta and no breads, at least ones with gluten! This week we tried gluten-free pasta and gluten-free pizza. It sounds like it wouldn’t taste good, but the opposite was true.  It was actually tasty! It hasn’t been too difficult to stay away from gluten this far. There were definitely times that I wanted to reach for the kids goldfish or have a bite of their ‘regular’ pizza, but I resisted by finding something else that was similar.

We also tried our first gluten-free food that we didn’t really like; Edamame Spaghetti. We thought that it would be good substitute for regular pasta, but we were wrong! We prepared it as you would ‘regular’ spaghetti with red sauce, but we were not happy with the way it turned out. We have one more package, so we are going to do some research and see if we can find a better recipe!

Next Week

I am little nervous about next week. I have to go out of town for work for 4 days, and I am worried that with airport food, hotel food and no easy access to snacks of my own, I might be tempted to just eat a bagel or something like that. I am going to throw in some of my gluten-free bars to help with that, but it will be interesting to see what happens. Honestly, reporting my weeksresults to my readers does help keep me honest!

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Halloween Costumes

Trending Halloween Costumes for 2017

Halloween is just around the corner. Picking out the perfect Halloween Costume is important to children and adults alike! 2017 brings some classic costumes, such as vampires, devils, and skeletons. It also brings trending costumes such as Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman.

Take a look at what’s new and trending for 2017!

Below is a list of the 2017 favorite costumes for the following categories:

  • Infant/Toddler
  • Kids
  • Tweens/Teens
  • Adult
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Dog

Infant/Toddler Costumes


Toddler Wonder Woman Costume – DC Comics

Celebrate DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman and fight crimes in the nursery and… [More]

Price: $29.99

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gluten free

My Gluten-Free Journey – Week 2

Two weeks being gluten-free and I am still hopeful! It’s been fairly easy for me to stick to the diet, even with a lot of crackers and breads in the house. I was able to go to dinner at an Italian Restaurant and not order pasta. It was difficult watching everyone else eat bread while we waiting for our meals, especially since I was starving!

My 3 main reasons for trying a gluten-free diet was to lose weight, reduce migraines (or get rid of them altogether) and reduce or get rid of the redness on the back of my arms (supposedly the result of a mild gluten allergy). Here are my updates on those 3 areas:

Weight – I have lost 3 lbs. in 2 weeks – keep in mind that I work out on a regular basis, but my work out hasn’t increased or decreased in the last 2 weeks.

Migraines – no migraines in the last 2 weeks

Redness on my arms – still there

Read about my highlights, challenges and favorite food find this week below!

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