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Three day weekends are amazing!  We should have 3-day weekends every week.  Regular 2-day weekends seem to go by way too fast!  There are so many things that we intended to do with our time, but just didn’t find the time to get to it.  For me, that is usually the house work, which means I have more to do during the week, but it always seems worth it to be able to have a little more fun!

This 3-day weekend we are trying to relax.  With school almost out, the kids are exhausted and just want summer to be here!  Saturday has resulted in a lot of lying around and movie watching…just what I needed.  Tomorrow, we are going to work in some fun activities, possibly bowling, movies, heading to the beach (we are fortunate to live close!) or head to the amusement park.  It might be difficult to get the kids out of the door, but they are always happy once they are out.

Monday, our extra day.  It almost feels like we are stealing it from the week and should make the most of it!  My husband and I will be able to golf together, something we haven’t done in many, many months.  Sometime is difficult to schedule in alone time, but looking forward to it on Monday!

What are you plans for this 3-day weekend?

One thought on “3-day weekends, fun to be had by all!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We had a nice Memorial weekend. No concrete plans bec we all needed rest & play. Steve & I had a great night out st the Hideout w close friends then went tg see Nomalokajama~fun band that all the teens love. Miss Matt tremendously since he has been away, but well worth it!

    I honestly think if people who write on this blog are genuinely truthful- it will work. But it has to be authentic & real- not pretend. I can’t handle pretend anymore.

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