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If you have boys, specifically teenage boys, you may have noticed that they have a certain odor, all the time!  It’s in their clothes, in their rooms, and on their bodies.  I couldn’t understand why my teenage sons’ deodorant was not working better.  Then, I realized that not all deodorants are made the same!

First of all, there is deodorant and there is antiperspirant.   Deodorant is an agent that destroys odors.  Antiperspirant reduces the amount of perspiration to prevent odor.  While I knew there was a difference in these two things, I assumed that all ‘deodorant’ contained both. Well, THEY DON’T!   And the reality is, is that the combination of the two of them are necessary to fight teenage boy odor.

My teenage boys favorite deodorant

Once I realized that the boys needed to start using a deodorant AND antiperspirant, I was amazed that it wasn’t that easy to find.  I usually buy in bulk at Costco, because I have 3 boys in the house.  The brand that Costco sells in my area is only an antiperspirant.  So I went to the local drug store to see what they had and to my surprise only a few of them had both elements.

The first one we tried was Dove Men + Care, Antiperspirant Deodorant.  This one worked well and was a huge improvement over what they had been using.  The consistent odor was not completely gone, but was not as strong as it had been in the past.  After using the Dove product for a awhile we switched to Old Spice Denali Antiperspirant & Deodorant to try something new.  This one seemed to work even better.  While there is still some teenage boy odor (I am convinced you can’t completely get rid of it), it is substantially better when using the deodorant / antiperspirant combination.

I would recommend that you try either of these products if you have a teenage boy at home!  Your nose will thank you for it!


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