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It’s that time of year to start preparing for the kids to head back to school again. On the first day, our kids will head to school with their new backpacks, new clothes and be ready to tackle another year in style! We also know that when they come home on that first day, they will bring the dreaded list of supplies. Teachers will tell our children that while they don’t have to have the supplies by tomorrow, it would be awesome if they did.

Back to School Supplies

If your kids are like mine, they will come home and insist they will need those supply list items…TONIGHT! That they want to start the year off right! And if you’re like me, you will get in the car, drive to Target, WalMart or any other store that might still have those items in stock. You will rummage through what is left in the ‘Back to School’ section of the store, then head to the craft section, and then the home office section. When you have exhausted all departments in that store, and still don’t have everything you need, you will go to the next store. You will continue this process until you find everything on the list.

Get your Back to the School Supply List

Click here to receive your child’s Back to School Supply list basics.

Well, I am here to tell you there is a better way to tackle the dreaded Back to School Supply List. It’s Amazon! If you are looking at a more efficient way to shop for back to school items, start shopping before school starts. Use Amazon to purchase items that are typical for your child’s new grade. Make sure that those items offer free returns, if it turns out that your child’s teacher does not require a specific item. Then, when your child brings home their list, they will have many of the items already on the list. If there are items required that have not been purchased yet, you can get them through Amazon Prime and they will have the final few items before the end of the first week of school! MOM WIN!

School Supply List

So how do you know what your child’s teacher may require in their back to school list? That’s a great question. I can provide you with a list of the grade-specific standard items. Just let me know you’re interested in receiving it by sign up here. Your grade-specific school supply list will be delivered directly to your inbox!

Try Amazon Prime for Free!

I started using Amazon Prime avidly about 3 years ago. Where I live, we have a limited number of stores close to us to shop, for everything. When it comes time to get back to school supplies, unless you were there Monday afternoon, there was no way to to find everything on your child’s list. Enter Amazon.

I hadn’t used Amazon too much before then, because I didn’t want to pay shipping fees. I saw an advertisement for 1-month free trial of Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping) and decided it would be good time to try it. At the very least, I could get free 2-day shipping on school supplies, clothes, etc. Needless today, I fell in love, and have not stopped using Amazon Prime since then! If your interested in trying Amazon Prime for 30-days for free, click the link below:

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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