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Trick-or-Treating is such a fun time for our kids. They dress up in costume and go through the neighborhood knocking on neighbors doors and coming home with more sugar than they need in their lifetime! I remember watching my kids run down the sidewalks, house to house, head to the door and say ‘Trick-or-Treat’ and run back to me telling me all about the newest candy that had just added to their stash!

As my children grew older, I wandered at what age is it not appropriate for them to trick-or-treat anymore. And as my preteen became a teenager and continued to dress up and go trick-or-treating with the family, I was excited that she wanted to continue to spend the time with us. It was at this point, I determined the answer to that question, which is NEVER! Your kids are never too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating!


It was also at this point that I began hearing comments from neighbors like, ‘Aren’t you too old for trick-or-treating?’ and ‘I’m only giving candy to the little kids.’ Our daughter is 21 now and no longer goes trick-or-treating, but our sons are approaching the same age, I am here to say, ‘DON’T TURN AWAY MY TEENAGE TRICK-OR-TREATER.’

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What else are they supposed to do?

There are so many other things that teenagers can be doing instead of innocently trick-or-treating. If they ¬†aren’t trick-or-treating what else could they do?

  • Go to a party, which could, or could not, be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Sneak off with their boyfriend/girlfriend somewhere
  • Drink or do drugs
  • Stay home


Being a Teenager is Hard Enough

You remember what it’s like to be a teenager, don’t you? Thinking you need to be ‘grown-up’ but still wanting to be a kid. It’s a strange time in your life where you are trying to figure out who you are going to be.

I ask that you don’t give teenagers a reason to feel even more out of place at an already awkward stage in their lives. Let them be little as long as they can! Give them candy. Tell them they look cute in their costume. Let them know that they don’t need to grow up so fast and it’s great to just be a kid!

They are a good kids at a time in their life where they have choices. If they choose to trick-or-treat to try to hold on to their childhood, don’t squash it, encourage it!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Away my Teenage Trick-or-Treater

  1. In the neighborhood I grew up in a lot of teenagers trick or treated. I loved it. I love the idea of teenagers trick or treating because it keeps them away from doing other things on Halloween night (things that we might not want them doing).

    1. Carrie says:

      Exactly! I’m glad to hear there are other mama’s who feel the same way I do! I’m happy to hear your neighborhood had a lot of teenagers trick or treating. It’s the way it should be!

  2. Victoria says:

    I never even considered any of this! I mean, I never saw the problem with teenagers trick or treating. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t ready to stop, I just felt pressure to “grow out of it”. But yeah, you make some awesome points!

  3. Rosaura says:

    Yes I agree, when I was teenager I trick or treated for as long as I could with a group of friends. And many people did tell us we were to old but we loved getting ready and hanging out together it was always fun.

  4. Emily says:

    This could not be any truer! Thanks for sharing. As a parent to younger kids, this is something I wouldn’t have thought about, and would have realized years later!

  5. Love this post!I always give candy to the teenagers… they could be out doing alot worse!

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