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I received FitTea 14 Day Detox as part of my Influenster VoxBox to test and review. While a review for Influenster is required, this blog post is not. Note that FitTea was provided complementary, but all opinions are my own.

According to FitTea, it’s a ‘powerful blend of all natural ingredients, loaded with antioxidants and EGCG. It supports metabolism, boosts energy and reduces bloating.’

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While testing the FitTea 14 Day Detox, I was diligent about drinking it everyday. Even when I had to go out of town for work unexpectedly, I took it with me and set a reminder on my phone to drink it in the morning.


Making the tea is simple. Heat water and add the tea bag in! I love that you can see the leaves in the bag! Detox tea

The first day, I let it steep for 5 minutes as the directions indicated, then pulled it out. As the 2 weeks passed, I started leaving it the mug as I drank it, only pulling it out when I was done. I drank it each day in the morning instead of my coffee.


I really enjoyed the taste of FitTea. It contains lemon juice and honey, which provides a great flavor. Preparation suggestions on the package state that you can also add lemon or honey. I didn’t see a need to simply for the taste. I can definitely see adding some honey if you weren’t feeling well or had a sore throat.


FitTea claims to give you energy and it definitely did. The first day, I really recognized it when it was close to 7, and I still had a ton of energy. A friend of mine asked me why I was so talkative! I told her it must be the tea! The energy boost was less recognizable as the days progressed but I did notice that I didn’t always have to have my afternoon cup of coffee.

One thing to note is that the first day that I didn’t drink the tea (Day 15), I was noticeably tired in the afternoon. I think it was my ‘normal’ afternoon drag that I wasn’t experiencing because I was drinking the tea.

FitTea also claims to reduce bloating and in the first two days, I actually felt more bloated. The 2nd morning, after 24-hours of my first cup, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom (if you know what I mean!) I thought, ‘If the two weeks are going to be like this, this is not going to work’. Fortunately, it was just the first morning of belly aches, and that’s it. I was also pretty gassy for a few days,  but that was also gone a few days in.

At the end of the 14-days, I definitely feel lighter and thinner through my mid-section. I didn’t drop a pant-size or anything, but I can feel that my jeans are fitting more comfortably!

Overall Thoughts

I was happy with the FitTea overall. At the end of the 14 days I feel leaner and thinner and overall have more energy. I was able to wake-up quicker and get more accomplished during the day! I also didn’t have to drink coffee every afternoon, which has become the ‘norm’ with me. It was nice to have energy all day without it!

Bottom line, would I recommend this tea? Absolutely! I’m looking forward to trying the FitCoffee next!

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