My husband and I decided to start eating gluten-free. Neither one of us is allergic. Our main goal is to be healthy and loose some weight.

There are many benefits that we have heard about first-hand about being gluten-free. One friend of ours was getting a few migraines a month, and since going gluten-free hasn’t had one. Being a long time sufferer of migraines, this really sparked my interest. I also have red areas on the back of my arm that tend to flare up at times. I have been told that this could be a slight gluten allergy as well.

This journey will be interesting to say the least, as we are an extremely busy family. Quick easy meals are always the key for us!

I will be posting weekly on my journey through gluten-free eating. Check back to see how we are doing!

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Gluten Free

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Gluten Free