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Many of your kids are already out for summer break (lucky you!), but we still have a week and a half to go…8 days to be exact!  The closer we get to summer break, my kids are less and less engaged in what is going on in school.  Granted, some subjects are winding down, and there isn’t as much homework, but the struggle to get them out of bed and out of the door in the morning is REAL!

If you are having the same struggles as I am, here are a few things that I am doing to help keep their focus and energy up:

  • Bedtime – I am trying to keep them on their same bedtime schedule.  Even though my kids are older, and they like to think they can stay up as late as they want, keeping them on the same evening schedule helps!
  • Cheer them on! – I have a white board posted next to the garage door that they walk by every day as they leave.  I have it posted with the number of days of school left and motivational quotes.  (They are at least looking at the number of days left!).
  • Empathize – Let them know that you understand that they are having a hard time staying focused. I even tell them that I am having a hard time staying focused.  This way they know they are not alone.
  • Reward their efforts – Give them a little extra something if they are up and ready on time, of if they did it without complaining.  Let them pick dinner or what they do that evening.
  • Let them relax – Try not to fill their afternoons with too many extra activities.  This way they get a little taste of summer, but while encouraging them to stay focused.

I’m sure some of my motivators are working, others aren’t and some are just annoying to them, but either way, we are in this together!  At least for the next 8 days!  What are you doing to keep your kids motivated in the last few days of school?

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