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With so many subscription box companies available for clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up and more, I have made it a little mission of mine to test as many as I can and let you know my thoughts.

My history with subscription box companies goes back to one of the first on the market. I signed up to get a monthly shipment of clothes that someone else hand-picked out for me before it was the popular thing to do! I am still with that original company and it will always hold a special place in my closet, but I want to see what other companies have to offer.

About Le Tote

Le Tote is a clothing and accessory rental company. Users have a virtual closet of items that they would like to receive and when your shipment is prepared, items are pulled from your closet, along with similar items you may like. Users have 48 hours to review their Tote and swap out items before the Tote is finalized. Once your Tote is finalized, it is immediately submitted for shipment. I usually get my Tote 2 days after confirming my tote.

You can keep the items in your tote as long as you are wearing them. As soon as you decide that you are ready for your next tote, bag up your current items in the USPS bag provided to you and drop it off. As soon as the returned items bag is scanned, you will recieve an email with your next Tote items.

If you love something in your Tote and want to keep it. Go for it! Le Tote provides you with the discounted purchase price for all items. Simply don’t put the item in the bag upon return. Once your bag is checked back in at Le Tote, you will be charged for the items you kept.

There are 3 membership plans to choose from:

  • 3 clothing items and 2 accesories
  • 5 clothing items and 3 accessories
  • 4 clothing items

Pricing ranges from $64-$84 per month and includes 2 shipments a month. You can change plans if you aren’t satisfied with your choice and can pause your shipments at any time!

The Le Tote Experience

LeTote is the first clothing rental company that I have tried. I wasn’t sure about wearing clothes that someone else has worn, but as soon as I received my first package, those fears were quickly put to rest. The clothing arrives cleaned and ready to wear!

I received my first tote just before Christmas. I wasn’t really sure that to expect but included some items in my Tote that I might want to wear for the holidays.

Le Tote

There were 2 items from this tote and I didn’t actually wear; the off the shoulder sweater and the suede pants. The fit of the sweater wasn’t as I had imagined and pants looked more like sweats than suede pants. The jacket and necklace were perfect and I wore them on Christmas Eve. I really liked the bracelet too, but after I received it I realized that it’s more of a summer item than winter. I will be requesting it again this summer!

Le Tote

My second tote was requested just before we went to South Lake Tahoe for a ski trip and wanted some comfortable cute clothes to hang out at the hotel.

Le Tote

I was happier with this tote and feel like I am starting to get the hang of rental clothing. It’s definitely a different way to view your wardrobe when you have pieces for a limited time. I was not really happy with the black pants. They seemed a little too worn, in my opinion, but the other items were perfect. I loved lounging around in the hotel in my joggers and sweatshirt. The cross body purse was perfect for walking around!

Le Tote

My third tote arrived a few days before going to a special event for my sister-in-law. I needed a dress but didn’t want to buy one because I don’t wear dresses that often.

Le Tote

Renting a dress from Le Tote was a perfect option! I also requested to receive a clutch purse which was perfect for the event but not something that I would use on a regular basis.

Le Tote

I really liked all of the items in my tote this time and am starting get the hang of receiving statement pieces to supplement my current wardrobe every few weeks.

Le Tote

Try Le Tote for yourself!

If you are interested in looking into Le Tote after reading about my experience with them click here to start building your profile! If you have tried Le Tote, I’d love to hear your experience. Leave me a comment below!

If you are interested to learn about some of the other subscription companies I have tried, click here! I also have some of my favorite styles here as well!

5 thoughts on “Le Tote Review

  1. Ben says:

    Hello Carrie,

    well, I am not an expert but your clothes look gorgeous 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve never done a subscription box but know people who have. This looks like a fun one to try. I may have to check it.

  3. Laura says:

    Cute! I have never tried any superscriptions but I may need to now!

  4. Holly Lasha says:

    This looks like a great deal. I have tried a few subscription boxes, but not this one:) Maybe I should.

  5. McKenzie says:

    I desperately need to get a subscription for clothing and I love this one! What cool outfits!!

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