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As parents, we know that our kids are always trying to impress us.  From the toddler ‘watch me mommy’ stage, to elementary school plays and teenage sports, to our grown children making ‘adult’ decisions.  Our kids want us to be proud of them in everything they do.  They look to us for that reassurance, even as adults.

But if we look at this from the other side, shouldn’t it be just as important to us that our kids are proud of us?  As moms, we should approach activities, like our young children approach showing us the new cartwheel that they learned.  How can we make our children proud of us?

The Proud Moments that Mattered

I find that my kids are proud of me when I try something new, whether or not I succeed.  The feeling of knowing that they are proud of me is amazing.  For example, when I started Hip Hop dancing a few years ago, I thought my kids would be embarrassed that I was trying something that ‘younger people’ should be doing.  The opposite was true.  They are my biggest fans, encouraging me to try again, or to go to the next class.

proud kids

After starting this blog, I overheard my younger son telling his friends, ‘Do you know my mom has a blog?  It’s called The Mommy on the Move.’  He is so proud of me for starting something new, and in the technology area that he loves so much.  He is so concerned with getting the name out, he could be my marketing department!

proud kids

A few years ago, I decided to run a 5k.  Let me state for the record that I AM NOT A RUNNER, I don’t even like running.  I am not sure what possessed me to commit to a 5k, but once I did, I had to work for it.  I started training about a month and a half before the event and either ran or conditioned almost every day.  My kids watched as I focused on this goal, even though I was doing something that I didn’t particularly enjoy.  On the day of the 5k, they were there with my husband cheering me on.  The pride on their faces that day is something I will always remember.

Take a Leap of Faith

As moms, we tend to not want to try something new or feel that we don’t have the time it takes to dedicate to something.  Our thought is, ‘we had our time, it’s my kids’ time now.’  I am here to tell you that you can do it!  It will do more for your children’s resolve, esteem and drive to see you dedicate yourself to something.  So take that leap of faith and try something new!  Is there something that you have always wanted to try but never did?  Is there an interest that your kids have that you would like to try?  If so, GO FOR IT!  Your relationship with your kids will be strengthened as a result.



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