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My husband has been eyeing a wood watch for quite some time now. It started when we were on vacation and did some ‘window’ shopping and came across men’s watches. When he saw a wood watch, he immediately said, ‘I want one of those!”

Wood Watches

It was important to us to make sure that the watch that he chose was unique; not something that could be found just anywhere. We also wanted to make sure that it was a quality watch that would last. Jord was an easy decision because they have the best men’s watches!

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How to Pick His Wood Watch Style

Wood watches are classic. They have a style of sophistication that you can’t get anywhere else. In addition, Jord watches are unique. To ensure that my husbands watch was just as unique as he is, we combined a watch band style with a wood type and face color that fit my husband perfectly. Being able to customize his watch makes him feel that he has a watch reflects his personality.

Mens Watches

Jord offers a large variation of band styles and wood types. Being able to pick from a wide or narrow band, paired with a circle or square face is a great start to creating a unique watch. With 13 different wood types and multiple face colors to choose from, there is something everyone will love! You can even customize your delivery even further with engraving either your watch, watch box or both!

Customized Watch

My husband’s final choice was the Frankie Watch with Zebrawood & Navy Face. We provided Jord with his wrist size, so when the watch arrived it was ready to wear!

Wood Watch

To check out some other actual Jord watch owners showing off their wood watch, check out the #HASHTAG Wall!

Jord Giveaway

My husband has received so many compliments on his watch! With so many people asking where to get one, I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Jord to give one lucky winner a $100 toward a Jord watch of their own! There can only be one winner, but everyone will receive a 10% off code once the contest ends on February 25th.

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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