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Whether you have 1 child or multiple children, the story always seems to be the same; moms are too busy with the family activities and don’t have time to do something just for themselves.  Well, I’m here to tell you THERE IS TIME!!!  You just have to make it.

Sometimes you have to be creative with that time, and a supportive partner or family is helpful, but either way, it’s important for you to take time for you.

I used to think that if I poured all of myself into my kids (and my husband), then I was being a good mom (and wife).  What I found over time is that I lost parts of myself because I was giving it all away.

How I Found Hobbies Again

Slowly, I began to find myself again, doing activities for me; things that I like in addition to watching my kids do the activities that they enjoy.  Not only has it been helpful for me to find myself again, but I see the pride on my children’s face when I try something new or accomplish something that I have been working towards.

Some of these activities occur with my family (which I love) and some of these activities I have to put on the calendar and do on my own (which I love equally as much).  I have started golfing (with my husband), skiing (with my family) and taking dance classes 3 times a week.  I had to get creative with dance and only started participating because my class was right after my son’s class.  That was 2 years ago!

Family Hobby

Hobby for Mom


What I have found through this processes is that I am a better mom (and wife) because I am my true self through my individual identity.  I am fortunate to have a husband that supports these efforts, which makes it much easier for me, and not everyone has that same support. What I want to tell those mom’s is to find a ‘partner mom’ where you can watch each other kids while you take time for you!

What activities do you enjoy doing for yourself?  How do you make time for them?  Share your thoughts as I am certain others can benefit!

One thought on “Why Moms Need Their Own Hobbies

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so true Carrie. My sister in law and I decided to focus on ourselves this year instead of coming up with excuses as to why we are so busy. We’ve been doing Crossfit/Spinning for the past 3 months and have been loving it. I find that I have more energy and focus now that I’ve added daily exercise back into my routine.

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