Proud mom moments

First Day of Preschool

This week’s Proud Mom Moment is a toddler who had his first day of preschool! Check out Shervari’s story below:

My son Rey is 19 months old. My Proud Mom Moment was the 3rd induction that Rey had at child care. This was the first time I had to leave him in care with strangers (child care educators) and leave the premises for 3 hours. 

While I distracted him with toys and made a quiet exit, I heard  him cry; Rey was only 10 months at the time. I walked out tears streaming down my face and flashes of those last 10 months of time spent with him. I walked all the way home, very restless, with million questions in my head of how Rey must be coping. 

Those 3 hours felt like 30 and I must admit I called the child care 3 times to check if Rey was alright. 

When it was pick-up time, I was happy to pick Rey up, but also felt guilty at the same time because I left him for 3 hours.  When I got there, Rey was calmly nestled in one of the educator’s lap. As I watched him from afar, I was so proud of my little boy. Not only had he survived the 3 hours with strength, he had already developed trust with one of the educators there. 

This was even more an achievement as Rey was going through Stranger Anxiety  at the time. Rey took 3 weeks to fully settle at child care and today I am proud how my little man has adjusted so well with the other children at care educators.

Proud Mom Moments

Princess Tangerine Blossom Pageant Winner

Our featured Proud Mom Moment this week comes from Lisa Ochoa.  Her daughter won her first beauty pageant! Check out it below:

My little princess won Princess Tangerine Blossom in her 1st ever beauty pageant and then went on to ride the float in different parades. It was so fun! It was an amazing adventure for all of us. You can follow Princess Tangerine Blossom and her family’s adventures at They can also be found on social media FacebookInstagramTwitter,and Pinterest. Join the adventure!

Proud Mom Moments

Reading at 2 Years Old

This week our Proud Mom Moment feature is from Yolonda Webb. Her daughter is reading at the age of 2!

“Here is a video of my two year old, Brynn, reading. She will be 3 in March. I’m so proud of how well she is doing with reading at 2 YEARS OLD! She really is making Mommy proud! I’m seeing the benefits of our hard work. 😊”

To learn more about Yolanda, head over to her blog at

Military Awards

This week’s Proud Mom Moment comes from Grandi Michelle, whose daughter received prestigious military awards!

“So proud of my Mady. She was recently presented with the prestigious Young Marine of the Year Award as well as the Military Order of the Purple Heart Award for Community Service. She just keeps conquering the world no matter what challenges she faces. She is definitely an inspiration.”

To read more about Grandi and her family, you can visit her blog at as well as on Instagram at MyAggrandizedLife.

military awards

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

This week our Proud Mom Moment is from Krystle Barnes from North East, Maryland. Her Proud Mom Moment happened during a wedding where here little ones were in a wedding!

“When someone asks you if your toddlers can be the flower girl and ring bearer in their wedding, your mind immediately plays through images of your child laying on the ground, screaming, throwing a fit, refusing to walk, and running away. You know, things that toddlers do! But, our toddlers were in a wedding a few weeks ago and it was one of my proudest moments. My husband and I were already sitting for the ceremony when we looked back to see our handsome little boy (2.5 years old) walking slowly down the aisle with another little boy followed by our beautiful little girl (1.5 years old) walking by herself, slowly, with her basket in hand. Afterwards we were told a thousand times over how well they had done and we knew, we’re raising well behaved, patient listeners. We have bad days, like anyone, but that day was such a good day.”

proud mom moments

To learn more about Krystle and her kids, check out her blog at http://thebeekeeper.blogYou can also visit her on Instagram and Facebook.

One of the best parts of being a mom is being proud of your child. From rolling over for the first time and first steps to graduations and marriages and everything in between and beyond. This is page is dedicated to proud mom moments. I want to share YOUR Proud Mom Moments too! Email me at with your Proud Mom Moment and you could be picked to be featured in my ‘Proud Mom Moments’ feed!

Trick-or-Trick Lessons

This week’s Proud Mom Moment comes from Rosie Janssen. Check out her Proud Mom Moment:

“My Proud Mom Moment came on Halloween! Austin, my 3-year-old, is still learning how to love and share things. On Halloween, he grabbed his sister Charlotte by the hand and said, ‘This is how you Trick-or-Treat!’ His excitement for teaching her how to do something warmed my heart and helped me see his love for his sister! I can’t wait for the adventures these two share!”

To learn more about Rosie and her kiddos, check out her blog at or on Instagram at

Dedication to Soccer

This weeks Proud Mom Moment is watching my son play soccer. By choice, he plays year-round on various indoor and outdoor soccer teams (sometimes more than one team at a time) so that he can build his skills.  His dedication to the sport rolls into his dedication as a student as well (but that will be a Proud Mom Moment for another day!) His work ethic is going to take him far in life!

High School Graduation

One of my most proud moments was when my baby girl graduated from high school. She graduated over 2 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Today she is still continuing her education, while working and building a life of her own. I continue to be proud of the woman that she is becoming!

proud mom moments

Freestyle Hip Hop

This video was taken of my son, Mitchell, during hip hop class. There is a small section of this video that is choreography, but most is freestyle that he is making up as he goes. I am so amazed at how he hears the music and how he moves at such a young age! This is a Proud Mom Moment for me!