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Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!  The day has finally arrived!  In my house that means no more up and out the door early in the morning as I am fortune to be able to work from home.  Trying to get these kids out of the door these past few weeks has been an amazing accomplishment on it’s own!  What it also means, however, is that another year has passed. The events of their current grade will be a distant memory to them in a few short days.

Remembering their precious work

Around this time of year, I pull down their keepsake bins and reminisce.  Each of my children have 1 keepsake bin.  I planned for only one bin each many years ago, as I wanted to be able to store items of importance, but not EVERYTHING (which is what I was doing!)   The bins are full items that I will want to see as they grow older, or feel they will want to see later in life.

Let me be clear, these bins are FULL; the lids won’t even close!  The idea is that as there are new items to keep, I have to make room in the bin for them.  That might mean having to pull out everything and look through it, which is such an awesome trip down memory lane! Sometimes I have to throw out items to make room for new ones.  Sometimes I just put it on top, which is why they won’t close.  This process at the end of each year is something that I look forward to doing.

The items in the keepsake bin have progressed from baby clothes to elementary school painting and home-made Mother’s Day cards, to honor roll certificates and diplomas.  As I look through each of these items, I am transported back to the age they were when it was created or received. It’s always an emotional journey, but one that I enjoy taking as I watch my children evolve into the wonderful people that they are today.

How to start a Keepsake Bin for your kids

If you haven’t started a Keepsake Bin for your kids, I encourage you to start! It’s a simple way during the busy school year to ‘set aside’ projects that you might want to keep.  And all you need is a bin, similar to this one!  Before the next school year begins, purchase a bin for the items.  Label it with your child’s name and you’re done!  As your kiddos start coming home with projects during the year that you might want to keep, put them in the bin.  As the bin fills, you can start deciding what should be kept and what you can do without.  Trust me, the process of just looking through the memories is worth it!

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