Keurig – Luxury or Necessity?

Coffee is the beginning of all civilization in my house.  I am not a morning person, so having my coffee and getting it quickly is vital to my survival.  It’s also important for my family’s survival too!  Having a Keurig at my house is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!  

Traditional coffee makers worked, but I need my coffee first thing in the morning.  Even though some traditional coffee makers have the capability to program at night to start brewing in the morning, I would always forget.  In addition, I am not a fan of coffee that has been sitting in a coffee pot, even if only for an hour or so.  It always seems to have a stale flavor.

Being able to get a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon is what keeps me going.  My Keurig allows me to have this option, and is one of the many reason’s I love it.

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