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Top 14 Places to Eat in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite vacation destinations! We typically visit in the winter, because we love to ski and snowboard, but it’s an amazing vacation destination any time of the year.

Below you will find a list of restaurants our family loves in. From breakfast and quick eats to nice dinners. There is a little something on this list for everyone. You might try one the next time you visit South Lake Tahoe.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I could eat breakfast at any time during day, including dinner time! With that said, below are our two favorite breakfast spots in South Lake Tahoe.

Driftwood Cafe – The Driftwood Cafe is located in the Heavenly Village and is only open for breakfast and lunch. We have never actually eaten lunch there, but have for breakfast many times. My favorite dish on the breakfast menu is the Eggs Benedict! We have eaten there a number of times with various people and everyone always raves about how great the food is.south lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Red Hut Cafe

Lake Tahoe

There are two Red Hut Cafe’s in South Lake Tahoe. The food is amazing at both spots, but my favorite is the original one. It’s a small place with a 50’s diner vibe, and you can tell it’s a restored house. They carried the same feel into the new restaurant on Ski Run Blvd (that is now open for dinner), and even added a Soda Fountain section, but I still love the feel of the original one. Bottom line, either one you choose to go to will have a delicious breakfast!

Lake Tahoe

Red Hut Rosti

Lake Tahoe

‘The Regular’ – Eggs, Hash Browns and Biscuits and Gravy

Quick Eats

Because we like to ski, we are usually on the mountain at lunch time. However, the few opportunities that we had to check out some lunch spots around town, we found a few that are worth mentioning!

Izzy’s Burger Spa – Looking for a burger in South Lake Tahoe? Look no further than Izzy’s Burger Spa. This small burger joint makes one of the best burgers I have ever had. Their menu contains extensive burger options along with chili and hot dogs. The fries are made perfectly every time; soft on the inside and crispy on the outside! They have limited seating indoors and quite a bit of outdoor seating. If it’s chilly outside, you may want to take it to go!

south lake tahoe

south lake tahoe

Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza – Looking for a pizza, salads or sandwiches? Blue Dog is the best choice in town! We have only eaten their pizza, but it’s definitely worth coming back to! Our favorite is the combination and the kids like the pepperoni here. They also deliver, which is very convenient when you don’t want to drive!

Mayas Grill

Maya’s Mexican Grill is located across Lake Tahoe Blvd. from Heavenly Village. It’s a small place, with less than 10 tables to sit. The food is amazingly authentic! My favorite item to get is the carne asada tacos, and my son absolutely loves their burritos!

Mayas doesn’t sell alcohol, so if you are looking to have a margarita or corona with your food, you will be out of luck. But Mayas is so good, with such a convenient location, that it’s usually a standard stop during our visits!

Lake Tahoe

Jalisco Mexican Grill

We found Jalisco Mexican Grill the last time we visited Tahoe. We were looking for a new restaurant to try and wanted something reasonably priced. Jalisco was the perfect choice. It’s located on Lake Tahoe Blvd., but not within walking distance of Heavenly Village, but definitely worth the drive.

lake tahoe

Not only were the prices reasonable for a vacation destination, but the food was amazing. The best part was the chips and salsa! Their salsa bar had a few different types of salsa to try and all were so good! They do not sell liquor, so you are still out of luck on that margarita, but they do offer a variety of bottled beer!

lake tahoe


FiRE + iCE – Fire and Ice is one of our favorite dinner spots in South Lake Tahoe. Located in the Heavenly Village, Fire and Ice offers a unique dinner experience that is fun for the entire family. Each person selects the veggies, starch, protein and sauce that they would like cooked and put it into a bowl.

Lake Tahoe

Then, head over to the large circular grill in the middle of the room and hand your bowl to the chef. They will grill up your dinner while you watch their entertainment! The vibe is great, and everyone in our family gets what they like! They also have outside seating with fire pits, which is a great way to relax and have a drink after a day of skiing!

Lucky Beaver

lake tahoe

So, first of all, Lucky Beaver, is not for kids. Patrons have to be at least 21-years-old to enter because it’s a bar with gambling located just over State Line in Lake Tahoe. If you can manage to eat there without the kids, it’s worth it! Not only was the atmosphere fun, the food was phenomenal!

They are known for their steak burgers so that, of course, what we had! I had The Gambler with bacon and onion rings, while my husband had The Blackjack with pepper jack cheese and grilled onions. We split our sides with tater tots and cajun spiced fries!

lake tahoe

I, of course, had a Bubbly Beaver, made with champagne and blood orange!

lake tahoe

Azul Latin Kitchen

Azul Latin Kitchen is located in Heavenly Village. While we have passed it many time, we finally stopped and had a late lunch / early dinner the last time we were in Tahoe. Azul is ‘California Style Mexican’ food, so much different than what we expected. We ere, however, very pleased.

While many of the menu items were food that we recognized, it was prepared differently than we were used to. And it was delicious!

lake tahoe

lake tahoe

The Naked Fish – Do you enjoy sushi? If so, The Naked Fish is the perfect spot! They have restaurants in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and South Lake Tahoe. We have only eaten at the one in Tahoe, but it’s the only place we eat sushi when we are there. The atmosphere is trendy and fun, and a great spot for the entire family. They always have unique items on special, along with the standard sushi and roll options, along with basics for the kids (like chicken teriyaki bowls).

south lake tahoe

MacDuff’s Publick House – We had dinner at MacDuff’s because my husband met the owner at the village. He invited us to come in and check it out and we fell in love immediately! We eat there every time we visit Lake Tahoe! Their featured dish is Real Shepard’s Pie. It is what my husband orders every time (pictured below.) I usually order the Chicken Pot Pie. I have thought about venturing out and trying something new, but when I only get to eat it once or twice a year, I stick with my favorite! The kids usually order the pizza, which they love as well!

south lake tahoe

Forest Buffet at Harrah’s – I’ll admit that I am not usually a fan of buffet’s, but this is one that I like. They offer a variety of foods which usually includes salad, Asian, Italian and American foods. There is usually a fresh carved meat such as turkey or prime rib. They also have seafood night which is worth the visit! The other thing that I like about this buffet is that there is something for kids too. Usually chicken strips and fries or pizza. It’s a great place for us to go with 2 teenage boys after a day of skiing!

Fine Dining

Capisce? Handmade Italian Cuisine – We absolutely love Capisce?! Keep in mind that I am Italian and my mom makes the BEST Sunday Gravy Sauce that you have ever tasted (at least that’s my opinion). With that said, it’s difficult for me to find Italian Restaurants that I like. I typically steer clear of the chain restaurants for that reason, but Capisce? is anything but that! Their pasta is fresh and sauces are amazing! Admittedly, I don’t eat red sauces at restaurants, but all of the others have been phenomenal! The kids love the pizza too!south lake tahoe

The Chart House – The night we ate at the Chart House the restaurant was basically empty, granted it was 10pm  at night because we were eating there before my sisters mid-night wedding! The service was amazing and the food, phenomenal. They also created a special menu for our party with my sister and brother-in-laws names and date of the wedding. It was a great touch! The only down side to this restaurant is that it is a little out of the way. In the winter, if it were snowing, I might not want to take that drive. On the up side, the views are absolutely breathtaking!

south lake tahoe

There are many other excellent restaurants in Lake Tahoe. The ones listed are our 14 tops picks. We try to eat at each of these places least once or twice each year.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in South Lake Tahoe? Let us know! We will check out out next time we are there!

Le Tote

Le Tote Review

With so many subscription box companies available for clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up and more, I have made it a little mission of mine to test as many as I can and let you know my thoughts.

My history with subscription box companies goes back to one of the first on the market. I signed up to get a monthly shipment of clothes that someone else hand-picked out for me before it was the popular thing to do! I am still with that original company and it will always hold a special place in my closet, but I want to see what other companies have to offer.

About Le Tote

Le Tote is a clothing and accessory rental company. Users have a virtual closet of items that they would like to receive and when your shipment is prepared, items are pulled from your closet, along with similar items you may like. Users have 48 hours to review their Tote and swap out items before the Tote is finalized. Once your Tote is finalized, it is immediately submitted for shipment. I usually get my Tote 2 days after confirming my tote.

You can keep the items in your tote as long as you are wearing them. As soon as you decide that you are ready for your next tote, bag up your current items in the USPS bag provided to you and drop it off. As soon as the returned items bag is scanned, you will recieve an email with your next Tote items.

If you love something in your Tote and want to keep it. Go for it! Le Tote provides you with the discounted purchase price for all items. Simply don’t put the item in the bag upon return. Once your bag is checked back in at Le Tote, you will be charged for the items you kept.

There are 3 membership plans to choose from:

  • 3 clothing items and 2 accesories
  • 5 clothing items and 3 accessories
  • 4 clothing items

Pricing ranges from $64-$84 per month and includes 2 shipments a month. You can change plans if you aren’t satisfied with your choice and can pause your shipments at any time!

The Le Tote Experience

LeTote is the first clothing rental company that I have tried. I wasn’t sure about wearing clothes that someone else has worn, but as soon as I received my first package, those fears were quickly put to rest. The clothing arrives cleaned and ready to wear!

I received my first tote just before Christmas. I wasn’t really sure that to expect but included some items in my Tote that I might want to wear for the holidays.

Le Tote

There were 2 items from this tote and I didn’t actually wear; the off the shoulder sweater and the suede pants. The fit of the sweater wasn’t as I had imagined and pants looked more like sweats than suede pants. The jacket and necklace were perfect and I wore them on Christmas Eve. I really liked the bracelet too, but after I received it I realized that it’s more of a summer item than winter. I will be requesting it again this summer!

Le Tote

My second tote was requested just before we went to South Lake Tahoe for a ski trip and wanted some comfortable cute clothes to hang out at the hotel.

Le Tote

I was happier with this tote and feel like I am starting to get the hang of rental clothing. It’s definitely a different way to view your wardrobe when you have pieces for a limited time. I was not really happy with the black pants. They seemed a little too worn, in my opinion, but the other items were perfect. I loved lounging around in the hotel in my joggers and sweatshirt. The cross body purse was perfect for walking around!

Le Tote

My third tote arrived a few days before going to a special event for my sister-in-law. I needed a dress but didn’t want to buy one because I don’t wear dresses that often.

Le Tote

Renting a dress from Le Tote was a perfect option! I also requested to receive a clutch purse which was perfect for the event but not something that I would use on a regular basis.

Le Tote

I really liked all of the items in my tote this time and am starting get the hang of receiving statement pieces to supplement my current wardrobe every few weeks.

Le Tote

Try Le Tote for yourself!

If you are interested in looking into Le Tote after reading about my experience with them click here to start building your profile! If you have tried Le Tote, I’d love to hear your experience. Leave me a comment below!

If you are interested to learn about some of the other subscription companies I have tried, click here! I also have some of my favorite styles here as well!

skin care

Key West Aloe Product Review

Finding good skin products can be difficult. There are many available in different price ranges and it can be hard to determine what products actually work well. I was asked by Key West Aloe to try some of their products and provide my honest opinion and write about them. So I did.

While the products that I am reviewing were provided by Key West Aloe at no cost to me, all thoughts and opinions in this article are solely mine, and not influenced in any way by Key West Aloe. It’s important to me that my readers know that I will always provide an honest review and only promote products that, in my opinion, are good.

About Key West Aloe

Key West Aloe has  been providing aloe based beauty products for 45 years. Many of us use aloe after a day in the sun, but Key West Aloe wanted to include the nourishment that aloe provides in everyday skin care products. Today, Key West Aloe has an extensive line of aloe based products for face, anti-aging, sun and after sun, with lines specific for men and pets.

Experience The Key West Aloe Difference

The Products

The Key West Aloe products that I tried were hand-picked for me. I expressed to Key West Aloe that I suffer from extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, and that I was looking for some good anti-aging products. With that information, I received and will be reviewing the following products:

  • Aloethera Intensive Body Moisturizer
  • Too Cool Anti-Aging Age-Defying Instant Hydration
  • KWA Overnight Anti-Aging Serum

Aloethera Intensive Body Moisturizer

Having told my representative at Key West Aloe that I had extremely dry skin, she sent me the Aloethera Intensive Body Moisturizer. Let me start by saying I have tried SO MANY moisturizers in my lifetime because of my dry skin. Some moisturized my skin, but left me feeling greasy. Others had to be applied multiple times in one day to keep my skin from becoming dry.

The Aleothera Intensive Body Moisturizer not only nourishes my skin, it soaks completely into my skin without leaving the greasy feel. After applying moisturizer to my legs, I typically have to wait 15 minutes or longer to put on my skinny jeans because if I don’t, it’s nearly impossible to pull them up with the lotion. After applying the Intensive Body Moisturizer, I was able to get dressed right away. This was a big win for me because who likes to sit around and wait for lotion to soak in?! At the end of the day, my skin was still soft and moisturized without having to reapply!

Keep in mind, however, that if you are looking for a perfume smelling lotion, this is not for you. This moisturizer is plant based and does not contain any fragrance.

Too Cool Anti-Aging Age-Defying Instant Hydration

When I first tried the Too Cool Instant Hydration, I expected it to be similar to toner mist because it’s a spray. What I quickly discovered is that it is NOT a mist. It’s a hydrating spray. After spraying, my face is wet, however, it soaks into your skin after a few minutes and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

Keep in mind that if you are using this spray in the morning, make sure to leave time in your make-up routine if using it before applying make-up.

I also used this at night after washing my face, before using the Anti-Aging Serum.

KWA Overnight Anti-Aging Serum

The KWA Overnight Anti-Aging Serum was amazing! Not only is it silky smooth when applying, but it leaves your face feeling soft and moisturized through the night, into the morning. However, I know that what you are really wondering is ‘did it work?’

I can honestly say after using this serum (along with the Too Cool spray) for 3 weeks, I can definitely see an overall positive changes in my face. My skin is more firm and bright and feels softer to the touch. Do I still have wrinkles? Of course, but my skin is noticeably younger after 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen after the jar is gone!

My overall review of these 3 Key West Aloe Products is that I would recommend them. Especially those with particularly dry skin (like me), this is a welcome change to many of the products that I have tried in the past!

Try Key West Aloe

I love the Key West Aloe products so much that I want you to try them! Click photo below to check out Key West Aloe!

Experience The Key West Aloe Difference


Keurig – Luxury or Necessity?

Coffee is the beginning of all civilization in my house.  I am not a morning person, so having my coffee and getting it quickly is vital to my survival.  It’s also important for my family’s survival too!  Having a Keurig at my house is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!  

Traditional coffee makers worked, but I need my coffee first thing in the morning.  Even though some traditional coffee makers have the capability to program at night to start brewing in the morning, I would always forget.  In addition, I am not a fan of coffee that has been sitting in a coffee pot, even if only for an hour or so.  It always seems to have a stale flavor.

Being able to get a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon is what keeps me going.  My Keurig allows me to have this option, and is one of the many reason’s I love it.

Continue reading “Keurig – Luxury or Necessity?”

iRobot Roomba Review

iRobot Roomba Review

The newest craze in keeping carpets clean, of course is a robot.  The iRobot Roomba, one of the first ‘smart’ vacuums on the market, revolutionized vacuuming.  We have a Roomba, and I do not know how lived without it!  We bought it when it was still pretty new product, and I was skeptical as to whether it would work or not.  It proved, quickly, to be effective when my floors, carpet and tile, were free of dirt, and I wasn’t pushing the vacuum!

Between the adults, kids and dogs, the floor always seem to be dirty.  And I don’t have time, nor do I want to vacuum every day.  With the Roomba, you just set the time for it to run each day and it vacuums on its own.  Then is docks itself to charge for the next day!  It senses the furniture to avoid and where there is heavy dirt and stays in the area for a bit longer.  It also comes with sensors boxes that you can set out if you want to keep it in (or out) of a specific area, you can.

Some Advice from a ‘real’ Roomba Owner

I was worried that our dogs wouldn’t like it, and either bark or be scared, but they don’t pay any attention to it.  They just stay out of the way when it’s running.  It is important, however, to make sure that you pick up loose items on the floor.  Our Roomba has been known to grab socks, thin blankets, stuffed animals and cords on occasion.  And those are not fun to fix.  The only other thing you have to remember is to empty the dirt carriage.

The newer Roomba‘s can now be connected to your phone via wi-fi for scheduling. In addition, they have the Braava jet that can ‘mop’ for you.  I have not tried either of these, as my original Roomba is still running great, even after 3 years!  It’s a little beat up, as you can see in the picture, from getting stuck under the couch occasionally.  However, all in all, it was definitely a good investment and when this one stops working, I will most certainly get a new one!

Dinner Delivery

Dinner Delivery Service; Helpful? Maybe.

There are so many prepared dinner delivery options these days; Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, Gobble, and Home Chef to name a few.   I was intrigued by the way they worked and if they would actually be good, so I tried a few!  If you are considering enrolling in one of these programs, you may benefit from this article!

Blue Apron

The first program we enrolled in was Blue Apron.  Blue Apron was the cheapest of the 5 mentioned previously, at $35 a dinner for 4 people.  I love the premise of the program, in that all of the ingredients come pre-measured; you only receive the amount of meat, vegetables and spices that you need for the meal, so you aren’t buying too much and freezing it or trying to figure how to work the rest into another meal.  With Blue Apron, however, it took over an hour to prepare each meal.  Some people might find that fun; I am not one of those.  I was getting frustrated with how long I was in the kitchen.


In addition, while there were 4 meals to choose from that you wanted delivered during a particular week, it was difficult to find something that my kids would eat.  Either they liked the meat and not the side dish, or vice versa.  At each meal, at least one of them ended up eating cereal. Sometimes it was both of them!

Dinner Delivery

I will state that my husband and I really like the meals!  My husband would usually take the kids portions that they didn’t eat to work the next day, which worked out well for him!  Also, the dishes typically did look like the pictures.  Below you can see the comparison of the Blackened Cajun Catfish that we prepared.  It’s always nice to know that you are getting a true representation of the meal.

Dinner Delivery         Dinner Delivery

Hello Fresh

After a few months of being in the kitchen much too long with Blue Apron, we switched to Hello Fresh.  These meals were quicker to make with fewer ingredients, which I liked a lot.  There were more options to choose from with Hello Fresh, with 6 dinners each week, but again, they weren’t always meals that my kids were eating, and they were back to eating cereal for dinner on a regular basis.

Dinner Delivery

In addition, Hello Fresh does not offer an option for 2 meals a week, so we signed up for 3.  It was also more expensive than Blue Apron, at around $40 a meal.

Plated, Gobble and Home Chef

I, personally, did not try the options below yet.  I did, however, do a price and dinner option comparison based on my family’s needs.  There are additional options with each of these as well.

Plated offers 2 meals for 4 people with 11 meals to choose from.  This is the largest selection of all the services that I looked into.  It was, however, one of the more expensive ones at $48 a dinner.

Gobble offers 3 meals for 4 people with 8 meals to choose from.  These are 3-step recipes at around $48 a dinner.

Home Chef offers 2 meals for 4 people.  I am not sure how many meals you have to choose from because I had to enter shipping information to see that, and I didn’t want to go that far.  They also advertise that they are 30-minute meals. The price point is around $40 a dinner.

For the record, we do not receive any dinner delivery service at this time.  We ‘took a break’, however, I do foresee that we will sign up again.

Hopefully, my experience and research has been helpful.  I am curious to know if any readers have tried dinner delivery services and what your opinions are.  Leave comments below!

Crab Boil Recipe

Crab Boil, a favorite dish in my house

My husband is an excellent chef, and fortunately, my oldest son loves to cook as well!  This works out well for me, because I really don’t like to cook.  I do, however, LOVE to eat!  One of my favorite dishes that my husband makes is Crab Boil.

While he did not create this recipe, it’s one of our favorites that we have been using for years when we have guests.  We have made a few tweaks to adjust it to our tastes, but the basics are still the same.  Not only does it taste good, it’s fun to eat!  If you are interested in trying this yourself, click the ‘Continue Reading’ link below for the recipe.

Crab Boil Recipe

Click here to download the recipe!

To prepare the Crab Boil, you will need:

  • 1/2 cup Old Bay Seasoning
  • 2 3/4 lb. red potatoes
  • 16 oz. Kielbasa Sausage (I use the turkey one), cut in 1-inch pieces
  • 16 oz. Hot Links, cut in 1-inch pieces
  • 4 ears fresh corn, cut in 1/4th
  • 2 3/4 lbs. of whole crab, broken into pieces
  • 2 1/4 lbs. of fresh shrimp, peeled and de-veined
  • 1 can of beer
  • 4 quarts of water
  • 1 large pot – we use a stock pot because it gives you a little extra room

To cook the Crab Boil, use the following steps:

  1.  Heat a large pot with the water, add the Old Bay Seasoning and bring it to a boil
  2. Add the potatoes and sausage – cook for 10 minutes
  3. Add the corn and crab – cook for 5 minutes
  4. Add the shrimp – cook for 3-4 minutes
  5. Pull the pot off the stove and drain the water, you might want to use a strainer so you don’t lose any of your food down the sink

To serve the Crab Boil:

  1. Lay old newspaper on the table and dump the pot of food out on it
  2. Enjoy!

We usually don’t even use plates to eat it, except for the crab shells and corn cobs for trash.  We sit around the table and eat from the pile of goodness!  It’s a delicious meal and a great conversation piece especially if you are making for someone who has never had it before!

Click here to download the recipe!

Crab Boil